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Meeting Programme
Location & Transportation
The Meeting will be held at:
Faculty of Medicine, Korytkova 2, and
University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Zaloška 2,
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia (red dot below)

KC - University Medical Centre; MF - Faculty of Medicine
Link to interactive map

At the University Medical Centre:
Lecture Theatres 1, 2

At the Faculty of Medicine:
Lecture Theatres 3, 4, 5;
Registration Desk
Poster Communications
Trade Exhibition
Internet Lounge

The two buildings are connected by a passage.


Ljubljana is easily accessible by all means of transport.

Travelling by train
Ljubljana has direct connections to Vienna in Austria, Trieste and Venice in Italy, Budapest in Hungary, Zagreb in Croatia, and other European cities. Ljubljana's main train station is within an easy walk to the city centre and the meeting venue.

Ljubljana by car
Slovenia has a developed network of highways:

- from Villach/Beljak (Austria) E 651 (100 km)
- from Klagenfurt/Celovec (Austria) E 652/E 61 (85 km)
- from Graz/Gradec (Austria) via Maribor E 57/E 59 (195 km)
- from Trieste/Trst (Italy) E 61/E 70 (110 km)
- from Zagreb (Croatia) E 70 (120 km)
- from Budapest/Budimpešta (Hungary) E 57/E 71 (430 km)

The public Parking Garage is in close proximity to the meeting venue. Please see the link for the map. The location is marked with "B", Parking Garage, Sempeter.

Travelling by plane
Ljubljana international Airport Brnik, situated 25 km northwest of the city is connected with all major European cities and airports. For intercontinental flights we recommend a connected flight via Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Vienna, London, or Paris.

Airport transfer for FEPS 2009 participants
Booking of the airport transfer at fixed price is available on-line:
SHUTTLE BUS: 12€ / person (max. waiting time of 1h)
PRIVATE TRANSFER: 38€ per car / one way


Alternatively, the general shuttle van service and bus to the Ljubljana is also available at the airport. Visit the website for more detailed information. The public taxi rank is right in front of the terminal. A fare from the Airport to Ljubljana City is approximately 40 EUR. For reservation or more information visit this web address.


Ljubljana Climate

Ljubljana has a climate influenced by its situation in a large basin, surrounded by sub-Alpine and Karst regions. Average temperatures in November are 2°C at night and 8°C during the day.

Slovenia in Brief

Population: 2,019,406.
Over 50% of the area of Slovenia is a forest.
Language: Slovene; also Italian and Hungarian in nationally mixed areas.
EU member since May 1, 2004.
Currency: Euro.

Slovenia is a diverse country between the Alps and the Mediterranean. You can ski in the morning and enjoy the Adriatic Sea in the afternoon. Slovenia has countless vineyards with top quality wines, Carst region with numerous caves, Pannonian hills and plains, and the only primeval forest in Europe.

For more information see: