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Electrophysiology of plant cells.

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Morphology of the buckwheat seed.

KREFT, Marko, KREFT, Samo. Computer aided three-dimensional reconstruction of the buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) seed morphology. Zb. Bioteh. fak. Univ. Ljubl., Kmet. (1990), 1999, 73 (Issue 2), str. 331-336. zbornik_loc.pdf

Abstract: The position, shape and size of the embryo in buckwheat seed were not yet resolved, although they were studied by several authors. In this study we used computer aided three-dimensional reconstruction to analyse the two-dimensional images obtained by progressively grinding the seeds. We found out, that in the proximal part, the cotyledons are double curved and they reach the testa only with their margins. In the distal part, the two cotyledons extend tightly by the testa. In some seeds the cotyledons form a spiral in a clockwise direction and in the others in anticlockwise direction. The variability of the embryo proper length is much higher than the variability of the seed length. The embryo proper length was found to be in a range of 31 - 56 % of the seed length (in average 42%).

KREFT, Samo, KREFT, Marko. Localization and morphology of the buckwheat embryo. Fagopyrum, 2000, vol. 17, str. 15-19. Localization.pdf

Pumpkin seed oil colour.

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