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Lipica, situated behind the Slovene coast in the Karst region, in May enjoys a warm, pleasant climate. Here, in 1580 the stud farm was established, where the first noble Lipizzaner horse was bread. Since then the famous Lipica horses have been bread for centuries and attracted the visitors from all over the world. Today it is a popular tourist center with a riding school, hotels, a swimming pool, a golf course, and a casino. A guide will take the meeting participants on a tour through the stables pointing out different methods of stages of breeding and training of these noble animals. In the cellars of the stone houses in nearby villages excellent wines are poured and sold, and in the attics delicious “prsut” is cured in the bora wind. In the Karst region are located some beautiful caves: Postojna Cave with more than twenty-six million visitors so far and nearby Škocjan Caves (one of UNESCO's natural and cultural world heritage site), which boast with the 1400-meter long and 150-meter deep underground canyon of the Reka River. In both caves the visitors can admire the only cave vertebrate animal in Europe and also the largest known living cave animal in the world, the Proteus anguinus or so called "human fish". A visit to Karst caves will be organized.

A visit to Avgust Černigoj Gallery will also be organized.

Avgust Černigoj was born on August 24, 1898 in Trieste. He graduated at the Bologna Academy of fine Arts and was a student at the Munich Academy and the Bauhaus school in Weimar. He made an invaluable contribution to Slovene historical avant-garde.

Lipica is 80 km away from Ljubljana and 15 km from Trieste. Nearest railway station is Sezana (5 km).